Francisco Poyato


retrato tres personas en un escenario

Roger Padullés, tenor

Paula Blanco, actress

Francisco Poyato, piano

Primarily remembered as a composer of ‘sardanas,’ much of the work written by Juli Garreta (Sant Feliu de Guíxols, 1875-1925) remains unfamiliar to the general public. A unique figure both in his life and the originality of his work, ‘Enigma Garreta’ reveals the mystery of how a small-town watchmaker could achieve such compositional heights. This is done through his songs for voice and piano, small musical wonders that bring us closer to moments in the life of the brilliant composer.

This dramatized recital introduces the real figure, unearthed from the past, of Garreta’s niece. Through her narrative and period photographs, keys are provided to understanding a period in the history of Catalonia from the perspective of a town on the Costa Brava.