Francisco Poyato


retrato interpretes propuesta Delicatesen

Mercedes Gancedo, soprano

Elisabeth Franch, flauta

Oriol Prat, violoncelo

Francisco Poyato, piano

Works for voice, flute, cello, and piano.

Delicatessen is a unique ensemble with a refined and evocative timbre, where the sensuality of the relationship between flute and voice, enriched by the depth of the cello, is wrapped in the harmonic richness of the piano.

Songs of nature and farewell by James F. Brown based on poems by Saint-Saëns, Perspective by Kaija Saariaho on a poem by Hölderlin, and African Nights by Judith Weir are successors to Maurice Ravel’s Songs of Madagascar. . The modernity, minimalism, and eroticism of this piece, itself influenced by Schoenberg’s Pierrot lunaire, contribute to the sophisticated essence of this program. As accompaniment to these delicacies for quartet, we have various trios from Massenet and Saint-Saëns to Frank Martin, André Prévin, and a duo, Tavener’s Akhmatova poems.

Works by Ravel, Massenet, Saint-Saëns, Brown, Weir, Martin, Tavener, Prévin, and Casals.